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Digital Diamonds

Digital Diamonds is a free netlabel focusing on high quality electronic music. Featuring both - newcomers and well-known artists, Digital Diamonds offers deep techno and trance music with soul. The idea is to locate amazing music and make it available to a huge crowd, cost-free and legal.


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Daäna 2
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Tapwatr 2
Troy Polygon 2
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Amaterasu 1
Anyer Quantum 1
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Breitseite 1
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Concentrate 1
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Free EP 1
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Intense 1
Jitter 1
Kemonoid 1
Kisses & Tears EP 1
Knabaustelmann 1
Knifestyle 1
Knows What You Are Thinking EP 1
Liquified 1
Longalenga 1
Looking Back 1
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Max Pollyul 1
Mechanik 1
Melodies 1
Melting Mirrors 1
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Psytrance 1
Rainsaw EP 1
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School Of Hard Knocks 1
Sliders 1
Squishy Fish EP 1
The Doggy Bag EP 1
The End Of Everything EP 1
Third Pole 1
Vol. 3 1
Waveform 1
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Once again Digital Diamonds heads Alic succeeded in uniting netlabel scene's most important and progressive psychedelic Techno acts on one compilation. With eleven tracks Digital Family Vol. 3 offers you the proper tools to satisfy your thirst for first class electronic music. As always, this compilation comes for free to reach the ears of everyone of you!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Digital Family, Vol. 3, Alic, Techno, Techtrance, Neotrance
Go along with Nuclear Ramjet on an extradeep and pounding journey through their liquified space. Their pumping propulsion already rocked dancefloors all over the planet. We are proud to present the two Canadians here on Digital Diamonds!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Nuclear Ramjet, Liquified, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
Digital Diamonds
After the successful release of the album Close Distance, Alic gave the track "In The Heat Of Delight" into the creative hands of Kino Oko, Frechbax and Point. Those guys put that track through the hoops and built three first class remixes.
Topics: Alic, Close Distance, Remixes, Remix, Kino Oko, Point, Frehbax, Deep, Techno, Netlabel, Dark,...
After his latest and very high valued CD-albums "Alphabetically Divided Highway" and "Colours Hate Themselves", both released on Tribal Vision Records, Kino Oko decided to put out "Descending Out Into The Distance" as free release via Digital Diamonds. This collection of 10 outstanding, powerfull and very unique songs made in the years 2003-2006, but also made to stay for the future, is a superb view of the skills and even the musicality of an amazing artist.
Topics: Kino Oko, Descending Out Into The Distance, Digital Diamonds, Techno, Netlabel, Trance
Digital Diamonds
"Close Distance" is the first album by Alic. After 9 years of releasing tracks on different labels like Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Boshke Beats Records, Horns And Hoofs Entertainment, Soundmute Recordings and many more, Alic hits the floor with 11 massive and unreleased tracks.Ranging from powerfull Techno over to Acid and always spiced with their typical psychedelic elements, "Close Distance" is on the mission to hit your mind. "Close Distance" is available as...
Topics: Alic, Close Distance, Digital Diamonds, Techno, Psychedelic Techno, Psychedelic, Trance,...
Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds041Format: EPReleased: April 2015Music to dance with your body and feel with your soul. A song as a tribute to the grandfathers of Crennwiick and to the golden decade of electronic dance music.After 90ies is a collaboration between great friends and excellent musicians.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Flembaz, Longalenga, Crennwiick, A2P, Trilingo, Floating Machine, Netlabel, Free,...
Community Audio
by Digital Diamonds Netlabel
Crennwiick is back on Digital Diamonds with two fresh Electrotech tracks. "First Reflexion" is available in two interesting versions, one for the mind, one for the club while "Other Eyes" got a remix by his sideproject "Code Therapy" with Floating Machine. Anyway this EP is modern polished oldschool electro sound.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Crennwiick, First Reflexion, Reflexion, EP, Techno, Electro, Electrotech, Netlabel
Digital Diamonds
by Daäna
Daäna serves with "Little Animals" three super designed tracks. All of them telling an intensive story full of colourful sounds, live and pulse. Digital Committee delivers a remix with a more reduced and straight flavour.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Netlabel, Alic, Daäna, Daana, Minimal, Trance, Minimal Trance, Techno
Deep, deep and once again deep is the most accurate way to describe an album which is loaded with a perfect balance of emotional, driving and pad-refined Techno. Catching you in the first seconds and releasing you after serveral replays in the last second, with a huge delight in your face. We are proud to release the first album by Point exclusively on Digital Diamonds.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Point, Deepending, Techno, Dub, Downtempo
After his successful debutrelease with an excellent 12 inch vinyl on Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Brian follows up with another deep and uncompromising Techno and Electro EP on Digital Diamonds. This one comes perfectly to the point and should be first choice in every self-confident DJs folder.
Topics: Techno, Electro, Digital Diamonds, Brian Burger
As the EP title promises, you may reckon that really massive auditive impacts will reach your body if you start playing the Dirty Things... Tapwatr aka Jeremy Reid presents his innovative fusion of classical Tech-Trance and modern Electro grooves. Xtra goodies: "Dirty" remixes by Alic and October Rust!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Tapwatr, Dirty Things, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
After Hiroshi Oki's odyssey around netlabelworld he finally stranded at Digital Diamonds. With the Amaterasu EP Hiroshi shows that he is not preassigned to any style. This wonderful EP expresses in four tracks how much deepness and driving Techno can fuse and kick!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Hiroshi Oki, Amaterasu, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
Simmetune presents his very first EP here on Digital Diamonds. Get covered by his pads and clear percussion. Get in touch with deep and intensive atmosphere but be careful - the blasting percussions return you back to the ground...
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Simmetune, Mechanik, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
October Rust presents their first official output exclusively on Digital Diamonds. "Breitseite" is the german word for giving a figuratively versus - exactly what the whole EP's intention is. Strong, deep rolling and sawing sound with a hint of trance are leaving a permanent impression. Don't miss it!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, October Rust, Breitseite, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
Long awaited - here are Alic with their first release on their own netlabel. "Evil Fairy" is an extremely deep rolling track which builds up a massive power, same as "Icedive". Just see yourself... As extra benefit you get "Evil Fairy" remixed by Kalumet and "The Gentle Way Of Minddestruction" (already released 2006 on "Horns And Hoofs Entertainment") remixed by Theme Fe!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Alic, Evil Fairy, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
After a very short time, we are proud to present Point's second album "Waveform" exclusively on Digital Diamonds. "Waveform" draws an excellent bow from groovy dancefloor techno bombs over to psychedelic vibes up to relaxed and warm chill sounds for stoned couchpotatoes. Anyway, you will find your track opening your heart!
Topics: Point, Waveform, Digital Diamonds, Techtrance, Techno, Trance, Downbeat, Album, Free, Netlabel
4 Remixes of Max Pollyul's "Concentrate", originally released one year ago at Deeplimit. Each track is a very intensive interpretation with a strong character. Always functional for the best time you like to savor it - at home, in the club or even on a large dancefloor. Downloading Concentrate Remixes is your first step into liquid!
Topics: Max Pollyul, Concentrate, Remixes, Digital Diamonds, Techno, 2010
Archives is the first album by Deto & Gleam describing their hard, professional and sophisticated way of producing first class music. Like a fairy tale, these eight tracks grab your mind and invite you to take part on a journey into electronic music with strong atmosphere, tricky grooves, imposing soundscapes and very much soul. Archives is a piece of music that makes good figure at your home-soundsystem as well as on selected dancefloors.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Deto, Gleam, Deto & Gleam, Minimal, Techno, Trance
It is like an epic movie in your mind when you follow those two tracks full of emotion and intensity. The warm sounds of Kisses and the speed up but not less deep soundlayers of Tears which you enjoy here in a 23:50 minutes long super extended version. A second mutation of this track will be released on Deto & Gleam's upcoming album.
Topics: DigitalDiamonds014, Deto, Gleam, Kisses & Tears EP, Techno, Trance, Digital Diamonds
In the same way as the last 2 years of tradition, Digital Diamonds presents with their first labelcompilation "Digital Family" basic labelmembers like Dan Rotor, October Rust, Simmetune and Kalumet as well as promising newcomers like Viker Turrit and Digital I/O. All completed by well known artists Fuzzion, BitShift and FM Radio Gods. Be prepared for eleven carefully selected first class deep Techno and Techtrance Tracks!
Topics: DigitalDiamonds008L, Compilation, Digital Family, Digital Diamonds, Techno, Techtrance, Trance,...
Anyer Quantum, a 22 years young guy from Mexico won our first mixcontest with a straight DJ-set consisting of 100% pure Digital Diamonds releases. With a nice selection of 17 tracks, all released on Digital Diamonds during the last four years, Anyer gives a great view inside the treasure chest of the Digital Diamonds Netlabel. Here is the complete tracklist of that mix: 01 Deto & Gleam - Kisses [DigitalDiamonds014] 02 Hiroshi Oki - Tobosaku [DigitalDiamonds015L] 03 Kino Oko - The Doggy Bag...
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Anyer Quantum, Minimal, Techno, Trance
Finally, Digital Diamonds offers with the second compilation of the Digital Family Series a state of the art selection of worlds best free electronic techno and trance music. With carefully selected tracks from almost all label's core members like Kino Oko, Alic, Kalumet and Opsy, just to name a few, Digital Diamonds is going to delight your ears and the dancefloors around the world with eleven jewels of electronic music!
Topics: DigitalDiamonds015L, Alic, Digital Family, Techno, Trance, Digital Diamonds
Alic plays a second home match on Digital Diamonds with Proper Language. A track which will blast you more than you expect because of it's strength at the bottom, richness of emotion - feels like it makes your day as well as you wish, while the two Excizen remixes treat you very exemplary at night.
Topics: Alic, Proper Language, Electro, Techno, Excizen, Trance, Techtrance, DigitalDiamonds016
This time Alic invites us to a superdeep tour into their well known world of punching and atmospheric layers of sound. Brian Burger's remix is knocking you down once more whereas Excizen's remix helps to rise again. Furthermore "Holy Clap" is a smooth groover to compensate the loss of your braincells.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Alic, Techno, Dub, Techtrance, Psychedelic Techno
This doggy bag is a special one! Digital Diamonds Crew bundled 3 outstanding tracks from polish artist Kino Oko for savely carrying to your own soundsystem. With this multifunctional EP Kino Oko proves the fact that he is one of the most talented and open minded artists nowadays. See yourself which track kicks you in which situation...
Topics: DigitalDiamonds009, Kino Oko, The Doggy Bag EP, Techno, Electro, Techtrance, Minimal, Digital...
Knabaustelmann EP features the perfect fusion of psychedelic, minimal and techno elements. Four tracks which speak to your soul, while you dance on the floor, giving you a warm and familiar feeling. The Bonustrack "Summertime" brings you down and tells a simple story: This is your fortunate day!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Frechbax, Knabaustelmann, Minimal, Techno, Trance
Looking Back is for the floor and for the mind. Why? Take a look! We are proud to present this first official release of Dan Rotor, an outstanding new artist from Germany who is a master of his trade. Combining elements of deep space, upmoving basslines and an excellent pumping drumset - this sounds rocks the crowd!
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Dan Rotor, Looking Back, EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro
Sharp like a knife, brilliant like a diamond, mindsqueezing like a spiritual session. This very first EP from Stockholm artist David Laake promises a very high level listening experience while you don't have to renounce on first class dancefloor music. Simply full frequency stimulation.
Topics: DigitalDiamonds013, David Laake, Knows What You Are Thinking EP, Techno, Electro, Techtrance,...
Squishy Fish EP delivers previousely unreleased tracks from hungarian project Kemonoid. Each track is rebuilt by Trevor McGregor, also known as Kalumet from previous releases on Digital Diamonds. Loaded up with psychedelic techno tunes, rolling and pumping, this is a must have for every lover of peaktime beats.
Topics: DigitalDiamonds012, Kemonoid, Squishy Fish EP, Techtrance, Techno, Electro, Neotrance
Digital Diamonds
by Digital Diamonds Netlabel
V.A. - Digital Family Vol. 4 Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds030LFormat: CompilationReleased: September 2013Round 4 for the successful compilation series "Digital Family" from Alic! Freshest music from new artists as well as musicians you know from Digital Diamonds since a long time. A constellation giving release number thirty the great mixture of peaktime tracks as well as relaxed groovers and experimental stuff. "Digital Family" always is a guarantor for the peculiar. Time to...
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Digital Family, Compilation, Netlabel, Free, Techno, Electro, Alic, Excizen,...
Third Pole EP are the newest soundexplorations by Trilingo. Basicly creamy Progressive Trance but with many lovely techy edges. The EP is completed by a remix from Crennwiick who adds the proper electro bubbles.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Trilingo, Third Pole, Crennwiick, Progressive Trance, Techno, Electro, Netlabel,...
Digital Diamonds
by Point
Point is back with warm sounds for cold days! Stronger than never before, Point made a brilliant development into sophisticated sounds while he never forgets his roots in deep spaces and smart melodies. This EP is a fantastic piece of music for good moments in your life.
Topics: Point, Digital Diamonds, EP, Cinematic, Electronic, Music, Netlabel, Free, Deep, Emotion, Good,...
Tapwatr's second EP on Digital Diamonds is a strong message to the type of world which we are living in today. Crunching down the frequencies, Tapwatr explains what he thinks about end. But in his very recognizable way of producing pumping music he shows a solution how to start making the world better on the dancefloor. With amazing support by Rene Patrique, Theme Fe and Knifestyle, already seen on former releases on Digital Diamonds, this EP got really brilliant.
Topics: DigitalDiamonds011, Tapwatr, The End Of Everything EP, Techno, Electro, Digital Diamonds,...
Digital Diamonds
by Digital Diamonds Netlabel
V.A. Compilation - Digital Family Vol. 5
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Compilation, Netlabel, Alic, Mydä, Daäna, Troy Polygon, Simmetune, Flembaz,...
Digital Diamonds
by Code Therapy
Code Therapy is a side project by Crennwiick together with his friend Floating Machine. "Keep Running EP" utilizes musical influences which include techno and progressive grooves while exploring the landscape of experimental and ambient sounds.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Netlabel, Crennwiick, Techno, Progressive, Electro, Trance, Netlabel, Free, Code...
Trilingo's second EP on Digital Diamonds gets support by Oliver Cosimo which leads to a great mixture of progessive grooves crossed by oldschool techno elements maybe someone has heard in the 90ies..Result is a very unique EP that once again punctuates the potential of Trilingo's skills.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Trilingo, Techno, Psychedelic Techno, Trance
Extra deep journey by Troy Polygon on Digital Diamonds! Four tracks with full load smashing the waves. Strong atmosphere draws a continuous line through the whole EP and the message is obvious: Boarding now!
Topics: DigitalDiamonds026, Troy Polygon, Melting Mirrors, EP, Techno, Digital Diamonds, Deep, Netlabel,...
Rainsaw EP is the third EP from canadian project Knifestyle. With loads of grooves the 4 tracks invite you to shake your full body while you get worked by psychedelic sounds. All tracks show us Knifestyle's love to pounding bassdrums. So it's on you to share this!
Topics: DigitalDiamonds010, Knifestyle, Rainsaw EP, Digital Diamonds, Techno, Electro, Minimal, Techtrance
Community Audio
by Crennwiick
Crennwiick - Untitry EP Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds028Format: EPReleased: June 2013Electroattack! Warbling basslines, creamy atmospheres and fizzy melodies. Untitry EP from Crennwiick is a cocktail tasting fresh and prickling madly.
Topics: Digital Diamonds, Crennwiick, Free, EP, Electro, Techno
Digital Diamonds
by Alic
After the big success of Alic's "Close Distance" album, Trilingo and Pallida picked the track "Sliders" from it. They sorted out the most important fragments and assembled in a cool way outstanding remixes. One is more on the psychedelic edge and one is more minimal. What now comes to your ears.. Just look yourself!Not enough of that, this EP also includes the track "Esperanto", formerly released on the CD-version of "Close Distance" only!
Topics: Alic, Digital Diamonds, Sliders, Close Distance, Techno, Psychedelic Techno, Minimal, Progressive...
Pads, distorted basslines, smart melodies and an extra deep atmosphere are the ingredients for this blasting EP by Ben Rama. Ben, already known for his EP "The Invisible Kingdom" on Ektoplazm / Drumlore, went the school of hard knocks and the result is extraordinary!
Topics: Ben Rama, School Of Hard Knocks, PSYCHEDELIC TECHNO, Techno, Pads, Deep, Atmospheric, Trance,...